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Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Stripcut paper shredders are also known as straight cut shredders. The blade cuts paper into thin slices of long strips. Our shredders have a security level of 2. SimplyShred shredders have some of the best strip cut paper shredder reviews in the market.
SimplyShred strip cut style paper shredders are also commonly known as straight cut shredders. The blades are designed to cut thin strips of paper from top to bottom.

Strip cut shredders are rated between 2 security level and are small enough to protect you against from common identity theft at home.

We have some of the quietest paper shredders in the world. You will immediately notice the light humming sound as you shred your first piece of paper. Compare our shredders to any in the market and you will be surprised at how smooth they run and how quiet they sound.

SimplyShred paper shredders are specially designed for home and business, so we made it easy to use while designing the exterior to fit into any environment. Most of our shredders are mutli-functional and can shred credit cards, CDs, staples or even paper clips . See also micro-cut paper shredders and cross-cut paper shredders

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